Take the Challenge

Take the Challenge!

We want our state to reach the highest levels of economic potential for Iowa companies.


The EPIC Corporate Challenge is an invitation to Iowa companies to formally commit to grow and retain women at all levels. The EPIC Corporate Challenge is about being part of a community of organizations working on the vital issues of recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in the workforce. It is committing to making progress.

Organizations that commit to the EPIC Corporate Challenge commit to three things:

  1. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must agree to participate
  2. Assign one person, with direct access to CEO, to oversee the EPIC Corporate Challenge
  3. Commit to track and report at least one of the suggested areas

If your organization or company is interested in joining the EPIC Corporate Challenge, please complete this commitment form.

Women Lead Change will issue an annual report of the aggregate data for the EPIC Corporate Challenge companies. Organizations that are interested in sharing their information for case studies and best practice activities will provide Women Lead Change with authorization to report their individual information. Women Lead Change will notify all of the EPIC Corporate Challenge of the reporting timeline and processes.

Watch the video below to see how the Iowa National Guard is using the EPIC Corporate Challenge to advance women's leadership.