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Tactical, informative, and inspirational. How will you #OwnIt?

Join Women Lead Change CEO Tiffany O’Donnell as she digs deeper into the power of the stories these women tell themselves. Each one with a perspective that may be just what you need, when you need it.






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This podcast features thought leaders, industry experts, CEOs, and senior leaders who recognize the imperative to advance women leaders at all levels. Topics range from personal interviews to tactical development insights around issues like gender intelligence, male allyship, emotional intelligence, and executive presence.

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Owning It with Sara Castillo & Katie Castillo-Wilson: Resilience and Optimism

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Tiffany O’Donnell talks to Sara Castillo & Katie Castillo-Wilson who are the founders of TapOnIt- a leader in text message marketing. Their proprietary SaaS (software as a service) Text Marketing Platform is used across the country by businesses of all sizes to build, grow, retain, engage, and even monetize databases of users that have opted-in to receive content from them via text. Whether the platform is used for marketing, sales, internal operations, or customer service, TapOnIt's best-in-class solution helps its clients reach their goals. In January 2018, Gannett, a leader in local media, invested $2M in TapOnIt to accelerate its growth. The team operates out of its office in Davenport, Iowa.

Sara and Katie talk about lessons that they have learned and what it's like to start a tech business in Iowa.

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