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Honoring contributions of historic Iowa women

Women of achievement have inspired, pioneered and championed extraordinary accomplishments through their lives and their work.

Women of Achievement Award


The Women of Achievement Award recognizes the contributions of historical (deceased) Iowa women who made outstanding and lasting contributions to the citizens of Iowa or have advanced the well-being of others throughout the world.

This award will be a visible reminder to all crossing the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge of their contributions to their work, communities, and the status of women.

2023 Iowa Women of Achievement Award Nominations

To nominate an outstanding historical Iowa woman, please fill out the online form. While there is no limit to the amount of information you can provide, we ask that you be brief, include endorsements from others as well as information about why this woman stands above others in her field or area of contribution.

Nomination Deadline
The deadline for all nomination forms and supporting documents for the 2023 awards is July 31, 2023.

Nomination Criteria:
Nominees will be historical (deceased) women who fall into one of the following:
- Were born in Iowa
- Achieved prominence within Iowa
- Had been a resident of Iowa for an extended period after achieving prominence elsewhere

Nominees will be selected on merit, not endorsement, in the following areas:
- Lasting contributions made by the nominee
- Nominee served as a role model or change agent
- Impacted the social, cultural, economic or political well-being of the community, state or nation
- Inspired future generations

Selection Process
All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of community judges and up to three (3) awards will be presented annually to be commemorated at the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge with honorary plaques.

Any person or group may submit a nomination. Incomplete forms or a single form nominating more than one person will not be considered. Please note that no materials will be returned to the nominator, so do not submit any irreplaceable documents. If your candidate is chosen as an award recipient, a portrait photo will be requested of you.

Nominations remain current for three years and may then be resubmitted if not previously selected.

When choosing someone to honor, consider these questions
- What lasting contributions have been made by the nominee?
- Are people better because of the contributions of the nominee?
- Is the state, nation or world better because of the contributions of the nominee?
- Did the nominee serve as a role model or change agent?

If you have any questions, contact Amy Eaton at (515) 724-3101 or amy.eaton@WLCglobal.org.

Nominee Biographical Information

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Qualifications: Please choose at least one (1) of the following qualifications.

Letters of Support

Please submit a maximum number of five (5) letters of support. Letters should be no longer than two (2) pages long each. These letters should do more than repeat the nominee's resume and should include a return address.

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Nominator Information

By signing, I hereby affirm to the best of my knowledge, nominee was a person of great integrity and made positive contributions befitting this award.
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