15 Words with Women Lead Change

For the first time in three years, the ICR Iowa Conference returned in-person. We asked 15 attendees to describe the conference to us in one word. 

Women Lead Change: "If you could describe the 2022 ICR Iowa Conference in one word, what would it be?"

Lindsey McCoy, General Mills: "Inspiring."
Janet Niebuhr, University of Iowa Health Care: "Energizing."
Stephanie Osterkamp, UFG: "Self-reflecting."
Anette Quiñones, Collins Aerospace: "Fulfilling."
Robin Sempf, Alliant Energy: "Impactful."
Cathy Kiefer, Collins Aerospace: "Refreshing."
Jessica Hovendick, CRST: "Exciting."
Adriana Ibanez, Collins Aerospace: "Enlightening."
Merisa Mackey, HNI: "Engaging."
Teri Myers, BAE Systems: "Amazing!"
Nicole Rodriguez, MediRevv: "Empowering."
Rachel Hahn, CIRAS: "Restorative."
Erica Barraza, Collins Aerospace: "Mind Blowing."
Samantha McGrane, Transamerica: "Insightful."
Erika Brighi, RSM: "Motivational."

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