The True Measure of a Woman's Strength

Jul 08, 2019


The views of JBanister's blogs represent her own and not necessarily the views of Women Lead Change.

“Let’s be informed about our worth and value in the marketplace,” said CEO Tiffany O'Donnell. It is not unfair to say that woman often get sidelined in the business world, as well as life in general. They have an equal right to seek out the top jobs, forge a successful career, and determine their personal salary goals. But more than the money: women are people with dreams and goals, who can let their passion drive their success in their respective fields. 

So as we look to empower the next generation of women looking to get into the business world, here are three women who are deemed trailblazers for thriving under immense pressure and reaching the pinnacle of their respective industries.

Katie Button

Professional kitchens are vastly male-dominated and continue to be. However, female chefs are slowly climbing their way to the top of the industry, and Katie Button is known to be one of the most exciting female chefs out there.

She graduated with a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, but found her passion in food and ended up at the then best restaurant in the world: El Bulli – first as a server and then as a chef. Through El Bulli, she was drawn to the creativity in the kitchen. Speaking to Eater about her experience at famed restaurant, she said “it gave me a lot of confidence because I did really, really well there.” This led her to open her own restaurants. Currently, Chef Button is the successful owner of two restaurants in the form of Cúrate and Button & Co in Asheville. Button found the strength to take a big step and change her career, something most people are afraid to do. 

Wayetu Moore

Moore and her family fled Liberia in 1989 when the country was caught up in a civil war. Her African roots inspired her to write stories using the same kind of magical realism her parents used to tell her bedtime stories with. After getting a master in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California, Moore launched One Moore Book, a multicultural children’s publishing company. It provided culturally sensitive and educational stories for children in regions with unrepresented cultures. Moore had the strength to use her difficult past to create a positive future.

Melissa Griswold

Research by Fidelity International discovered that women handle money better than men; so it’s no surprise that many of them become successful in the world of finance. Maryville University's Finance program is led by Melissa Griswold who started her career as a bank assistant. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and her doctorate in finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has launched several unique financial service degree programs in response to the industry’s growing need for business professionals with both marketing and finance expertise. Today, Dr. Griswold’s inherent passion for finance helps thousands of students grasp the real-world applications of the industry and prepare them for what’s to come. It is one thing to succeed in an industry; it is another to have the strength and commitment to pass your knowledge on to the next generation of professionals.

A woman’s strength can be measured in many ways, as the above successful women have shown. These stories are highly indicative of the fact that women shouldn’t just fill traditional roles, and should strike out and have the strength to make their mark in the world.