New Year, New Name, Same Focus

Jan 07, 2019


Tiffany O'Donnell

Tiffany O'Donnell is the CEO of Women Lead Change. She joined the organization as COO in 2015, succeeding Diane Ramsey in June of 2017. She is an Emmy-award winning news anchor and reporter who spent nearly 25 years in the television news industry.

It is with pride, humility and endless possibility that I join my colleagues in introducing you to Women Lead Change.

Together with you, we have watched a small, Iowa women’s leadership summit in 2007 evolve into a nationally-recognized thought leader and provider of world-class leadership development for women. The idea of tactical leadership development for women now includes strategic leadership development for the organizations that support them.

Iowa has had a lot to do with our success. You have heard me say that I don’t believe our relatively quick shift in the larger number of women in leadership in Iowa, could have happened at this rate anywhere else. Our relationships are one-degree of separation, border to border. It is due to the trust of our loyal partners that we’ve been able to gather and share data that is required to move the needle.

That success is worth sharing.  

This is why we are removing geographical boundaries. Iowa women led the change. It’s now time for all women (and men), wherever they may be, to leadchange.  

This transition began organically as our regional reach extended five years ago into Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and South Dakota. Our constituents began to ask the questions, “What about my teams in Ohio?” or, “What about my partners in the U.K.?” It became clear to us that powerful leadership development is powerful leadership development wherever it initiates. That brings us to today.  

We remain disciplined in our mission: to advance, develop and promote women, their organizations and to impact the economy. 

Women Lead Change will continue to:
    •    Provide cutting edge speakers and content at our regional conferences

    •    Support senior leaders and their teams through Women Connect programs 

    •    Lead the EPIC Corporate Challenge public/private statewide initiative 

    •    Identify historic Iowa women of achievement for the Women of Achievement Bridge

    •    Develop personalized leadership development through the Ascent Leadership Program 

All of this while we continue to convene thought leaders and influencers to advance our mission, fund critical research to provide data-driven solutions, and create relevant initiatives around proven metrics to grow women leaders at all levels.

Be proud of the example you’ve helped show through the creation, implementation and success of Iowa Women Lead Change. It’s now time the rest of the world knows what happened here.

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