Women of Achievement

Sep 05, 2018


Tiffany O'Donnell

Tiffany O'Donnell is the CEO of Women Lead Change. She joined the organization as COO in 2015, succeeding Diane Ramsey in June of 2017. She is an Emmy-award winning news anchor and reporter who spent nearly 25 years in the television news industry.

On Aug. 29, 2018, IWLC proudly announced it would be the humble shepherd of the statewide Women of Achievement Awards. This is the award that honors historic Iowa women who have left their mark on the state and the world. Fittingly, the Women of Achievement honorees have their names placed on a beautiful pedestrian bridge in our state capital. (Google Des Moines and the first picture that appears will likely be this beautiful structure.)

Only four names reside on the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge today. It’s time we add to this distinguished group. It’s time we bring the stories of amazing Iowa women out of the schools, churches, businesses, courtrooms, classrooms, kitchens, cornfields and cabins and honor their examples.

IWLC is dedicated to the advancement, development and promotion of women across the state and beyond. The women and men we talk to everyday know who these women are in small and large communities.  They know the stories of the women on whose shoulders we stand as leaders today. Everyone should hear their stories.

Women have always been the bridge-builders, the champions of compromise, the conveners and connectors. It’s fitting we have our proper place on a permanent structure dedicated to that very purpose.

For information on how to nominate a Woman of Achievement, visit https://www.wlcglobal.org/women-achievement/.

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