Iowa's First Female Governor

May 24, 2017


Diane Ramsey

Diane Ramsey is the Co-Founder & EPIC Corporate Challenge Co-Chair of Iowa Women Lead Change. IWLC transitioned from a grassroots-driven once-a-year event to a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advance women’s leadership development and excellence.

Today we celebrate Kim Reynolds being sworn in as Iowa’s first female governor!

On behalf of IWLC’s team and our board of directors, I congratulate Governor Reynolds on her appointment to this office. Iowa Women Lead Change is all about women striving for and achieving leadership roles in all walks of life.  There is no more visible position in our state than the governor. If we want girls to aspire to be whatever they want to be, it is critical that they see role models to "see it to be it."

A few years ago, Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds attended her first IWLC Conference in Coralville, IA and witnessed the 900women in the audience. Since then she has been back to IWLC many times and shared her message to women of going for it, no matter what your IWLC is a nonpartisan organization. We encourage women to make a difference. Kim Reynolds is one of those women.


When Governor Branstad announced the Iowa STEM Initiative and appointed the Lt. Governor to lead it, there were pockets of excellence across the state related to STEM. The initiative provided a statewide structure to increase awareness and connect the best programming. dreams may be.  

Today, thanks to the hard work and unwavering support of then Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds and many others under her leadership, the Iowa Stem Initiative is a model for how the public and private sectors can work together to create meaningful programs and opportunities across geographies,ideologies and organizations. Senator Liz Mathis and I talked about the work that's been done around the STEM initiative. Without Governor Reynolds driving that project, Senator Mathis believes it would not be as far along as it is. 

I have had the privilege of working with the Governor on the EPIC Corporate Challenge, another statewide publicly endorsed and privately driven program that is challenging organizations from all sectors to actively advance women at all levels. As our EPIC honorary Chair, Governor Reynolds is adding the visibility and spotlight on the importance to organizations, individuals and our regional economy. I believe EPIC also has the ability to transform our state’s workforce, fully engage talent across the state and ultimately elevate Iowa’s economy. With the Governor’s support it can happen.

Let’s celebrate Governor Kim Reynolds for saying Yes when asked and working hard to make our state proud. Chalk up another accomplishment for our state.

Diane Ramsey

CEO, Iowa Women Lead Change