Own It: The Power of Women at Work by Sallie Krawcheck

Mar 21, 2017


Lisa Rathjen

Lisa’s present role is Business Development Coordinator at the University of Iowa State Hygienic Lab. Previous to this role, she was the Client Liaison for the University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories and 10 years working for a Top 3 pharmaceutical company as a Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Professional Level III. Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, boating, running, gardening, and volunteering at and participating in community charity 5K runs.

How can you harness your inherent strengths to drive your career and achieve financial success?  Are you looking for real world advice on how to get a raise, get a promotion, develop a network, or how to reach your financial goals? 

In her new book Own It:  The Power of Women at Work author Sallie Krawcheck shares with women how through tapping into her innate strengths she was able to go from research analyst to top-ranked Wall Street executive to now entrepreneur and cofounder of Ellevest (a digital investment platform designed to help women reach their financial goals).  Sallie explains in an easy-to-understand way how the business world is rapidly changing and it plays to women’s strengths.  She is open and honest about her professional successes as well as her failures.  She shares difficult lessons learned, solid take-it-to-work-today advice, motivational and inspirational wisdom, along with interesting facts and research that support her theories.  Her advice ranges from how to Own It to get that well-deserved promotion, that better raise, that exciting project, take that next major career move, and how to build a bright financial future.   

To give you a sneak peek into Sallie’s book, she lists the 6 traits women have going for them and I think you will probably agree:

Trait #1:  Risk-Averse or Risk-Aware?  Why Women’s Looking Around Corners Is Just What        Business Needs.

Trait #2:  We Think Big Picture:  We’re Better at Managing Complexity – and Slower at Ordering Restaurants

Trait #3:  We’re Relationship Focused:  How Making Connections Helps us, Our Companies, and the Bottom Line

Trait #4:  We Think Long-Term:  How Women Combat Dangerous Shortsightedness

Trait #5:  We Love to Learn:  How Women Keep Companies Ahead of the Curve

Trait #6:  We Care About the Why:  Money is Important – But So Are Meaning and Purpose…. And, Newsflash (!), The Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

So, if any of the traits listed above ring true with you then I think you will definitely find Own It a very valuable read.  Women can harness their innate traits and leverage them in the business world to elevate their careers and build financial strength.  The oncoming of new and innovative women-focused businesses such as Ellevest will be there to help us do just that!  Just check out the professional networking community Ellevate Network in which is Sallie holds the Chair position. The network’s mission is to advance women in business.  Clearly, this gal is in our corner!  She lives and breathes for the professional and financial success of women in today’s (and tomorrow’s) fast-paced and ever-changing world of business. 

Sallies’ words truly resonated internally for me.  I found the book to be a motivational breeding ground.  I ask you…. How can we all better support, mentor, and sponsor our coworkers, daughters, mothers, sisters, friends so they can really Own It?  I plan to use many of Sallie’s suggestions from acting as a mentor and a sponsor to other women, to owning my risk-awareness and playing devil’s advocate.  From networking and paying it forward to reaching my financial goals.  Last but not least, I will follow the final piece of advice she shares in her final chapter …. Finally, You Gotta Remember to Laugh. Cheers to that!