'Mindful Monday': If women see it, they can be it!

Feb 09, 2015


Nancy Fredericks

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Recently, on CBS News This Morning, Geena shared some staggering statistics regarding women in media.

  • The male to female ratio for speaking parts is 3:1. What is absolutely mind-boggling is that this proportion of men to women has remained the same since 1946!
  • Women show up in television and movie crowds only 17% of the time.
  • Women, as attorneys and judges, have a ratio of 1 woman for every 13 men.
  • For women professors, the ratio is 1 woman to 16 men.
  • The ratio of women medical practitioners is better: 1 woman to 5.75 men. Perhaps this slightly improved equation is thanks to Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy.

Geena’s motto is, If they see it, they can be it. She believes that seeing more women in media is a game-changer. And it appears she may be right. Did you know that with the abundance of female forensic scientists on programs such as CSI, Bones and others, the number of women pursuing a career and studying the topic in college has skyrocketed?

Geena has taken on the battle in media. Are you interested in seeing a seismic shift in the number of women holding powerful, influential roles in the business world? If you are, try incorporating these four tips to help our daughters, the women around us and our selves create more career possibilities wherever we are:

  1. There is no dream too big to go after... You may achieve it. But even if you fall short, you'll discover something interesting and exciting while pursuing your passion; and you'll accomplish so much more with your big dream as wind under your wings.
  2. Celebrate making mistakes and then, ask, "What did I learn?" You'll be surprised at how more you achieve along the way.
  3. Know that you are equal to anyone in the marketplace. Stop believing that leaders or anyone else is a "super being." They aren't, they're just like you—strong in places and weak in others.
  4. Take risks even with only a 60% chance of realizing it. This has you partnering with the universe to fulfill all that you can and are meant to be.

Isn’t it time for each of us to pick up the banner of empowerment? Start by being a role model for the change you want to see happening one woman at a time as you join together with others of like mind. Remember what Margaret Mead, the American anthropologist understood, Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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