Sioux Empire Women Connect

Engaging companies to collaborate on advancing women’s leadership and development in the Sioux Falls region


WC_SE_TM.pngSioux Empire Women Connect is a community of organizational leaders dedicated to improving women’s leadership competencies by engaging women in the Sioux Falls region through sharing best practices, connecting people and providing professional development opportunities.

SEWC Member Company Expectations

  • Member companies will appoint a primary and alternate person to participate in SEWC meetings.
  • Meetings are held monthly either in person or via conference call.
  • Member companies are expected to be represented by at least one of their members who will attend 80% of the monthly meetings.
  • The primary member will vote on behalf of the member company when votes are required. The alternate member has proxy if the primary member is not in attendance at the SEWC meeting. 
  • If a company is not represented at a SEWC meeting, as long as a simple majority is present, the group may vote without the absent company’s representation. All votes are documented in meeting minutes. 
  • Member companies will contribute $3,000 annually which provides 10 seats at no additional cost to cover paid admission to professional development events offered by SEWC throughout the calendar year.
  • SEWC will provide its members one no-cost event annually for member company employees only. 
  • SEWC members (primary and alternates) will be actively engaged in meetings, special projects and/or one or more of the subcommittees that plan and execute SEWC events. 
  • Members are encouraged to consider how to leverage member company’s resources (i.e. speakers, meeting space, IT, printing, marketing) to the benefit of SEWC.