Start a Group

Maximizing women's leadership outreach

Women Lead Change suggests several avenues to capitalize on information you may have learned at a Women Lead Change conference or workshop. These ideas enable you to share your Women Lead Change experiences with others in your company or social circles, while also benefitting from increased professional support and new ideas. 

  • Start an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women
    Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an integral tool in the workforce that allow for employees to feel validated and motivated. If created strategically, ERGs can be key drivers for recruitment, retention, engagement, talent development, supplier diversity, and marketplace sales and customer service.

    Women Lead Change is available to help you create an Employee Resource Group for women within your company. It is imperative when creating an ERG that you align the company's business objectives and mission with the goals of the ERG. 

    For a primer on how to set up a women's ERG in your place of work and how to most effectively implement and facilitate them, download these Women Lead Change resource guides: How to Form an ERG and ERG Guidelines. For more information, contact
  • Create a leadership-themed book group
    Book groups don't just have to be for the latest novel. Instead, consider starting a book group within the division or department of your company or within your networking circle. Discussing leadership and women's leadership among colleagues, peers and mentors can result in more open and honest conversations and feedback, as well as gained insight into best practices and ground-breaking research on leadership. 

    Women Lead Change has a wide variety of recommended best-selling books on women's leadership and women's paths to success. In some cases and with advance notice, Women Lead Change can provide books for your book group, as well as facilitated conversations. For more information, contact

  • Join an existing book group
    If you are interested in joining an already existing leadership-themed book group, Women Lead Change can put you in touch with existing groups in your area. For more information, please contact Deb Worm.