Sponsor Ready

Sponsor Ready

Women Lead Change partner, the Center for Talent Innovation, created Sponsor Ready around five learning modules called Field Manuals:

  • The Challenge: gets learners thinking about why sponsorship matters
  • Readiness:  aims to make that elusive "X" factor known as "executive presence" more tangible
  • Engagement: dives deeply into relationship capital and influence  
  • Deepening:  discusses reciprocity and loyalty in sponsor-protege pairing
  • Culture:  focuses on sustaining sponsorship over time and offers tips on how to do so

For more information: info@iwlcleads.org

"Our corporations have a problem. Women and people of color, even when equally or more qualified, aren't moving up the career ladder with the same velocity or numbers as white men. Ultimately, it's not a problem of race or color or even access. It's a problem of power. This program is about exposing the often hidden or secret power dynamics within organizations and helping you and your employees to better navigate them."

-Center for Talent Innovation

"Sponsors give you a real career traction and put you on the path to power and influence."

-Sylvia Ann Hewlett