'Laser-focused' on women's leadership

Women Lead Change offers a variety of services, all laser-focused on promoting and developing women's leadership. Whether in the corporate office, the legislature or the 
non-profit community, women are leading and
 making a difference in all aspects of life. But
 there’s much more to be done – and much more to be learned about how women can lead more effectively and in greater numbers.

Women Lead Change's services include: 

  • Ground-breaking research

    Women Lead Change and its sponsors and partners are committed to advancing the cause of women's leadership. As part of that charge, Women Lead Change takes seriously the importance of collecting reliable data about the state of women in Iowa. For this reason, Women Lead Change has commissioned and partnered with other statewide organizations to fund research studies, with more in process. 

  • Leadership conferences

    Women Lead Change offers its distinct brand of women's leadership development conferences in several regions across Iowa, but also offered virtually for a global audience. Each conference is tailored specifically to the community by a local steering committee with Women Lead Change staff assistance. 

    In each conference community, Women Lead Change creates a programming track for students. It’s important to provide young women with the leadership skills and connections they’ll need to succeed in the years ahead. Other programmatic tracks have included the Men's Track, focusing building a gender-intelligent work environment, as well as CEO Forums, bringing together senior leaders from Women Lead Change sponsor organizations. 

  • Scholarships

    Women Lead Change is committed to removing barriers to success. As part of our mission, scholarships are available to professional track conference attendees and student track attendees.
  • Professional development workshops

    Providing an opportunity for teams to work on a variety of topics regarding leadership allows for the free exchange of ideas and the growth of individuals, which strengthens team output and morale.
  • Professional development classes

    The Ascent Leadership Program is a 12-month program targeting mid-level, high potential women leaders. It's combination of monthly virtual classroom and one-on-one coaching sessions, along with a self-accountability tracking system provide for maximum success to reach your next level of leadership.


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