February 6, 2018 | Quad Cities

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The author of the book, The Glass Castle, will be a speaker at the March 29, 2018 IWLC Quad Cities Women's Leadership Conference.  Join us for this private screening and stay for a discussion of the movie and its message.

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All proceeds from this event will go toward professional and student scholarships to attend the IWLC Quad Cities Women's Leadership Conference. 

“I left the Quad Cities Women’s Leadership Conference refreshed and surprisingly made a closer connection to my colleagues that also attended the event.”

-Stacey Hansel, Wells Fargo

“I attended the 2018 IWLC Quad Cities Women’s Leadership Conference and am so grateful to have had that opportunity. I was inspired by the career-driven women who shared their stories of overcoming diversity. Since attending the conference I have felt empowered to use my voice more often and help break common workplace stigmas about conversations between men and women in the workplace! I will most definitely be attending again next year for further inspirations and empowerment!”

-Allie Scott, Modern Woodmen

“The speakers at the IWLC 2018 conference were excellent, especially Jeannette Walls. Interesting, relevant and relatable. Looking forward to hear who will be on the agenda for 2019!”

-Nora Coyne-Logan, Total Solutions

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