Giving Tuesday: Why Give to Iowa Women Lead Change? Because we have much more work to do!

Nov 29, 2016


Diane Ramsey

Diane Ramsey is the Co-Founder & EPIC Corporate Challenge Co-Chair of Iowa Women Lead Change. IWLC transitioned from a grassroots-driven once-a-year event to a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advance women’s leadership development and excellence.

There are many statistics available that demonstrate why investing in women and their leadership potential benefits all – the women, their families, communities and the organizations in which they’re engaged. The current Iowa women in leadership statistics show that we have opportunities to promote women across the board into increasingly levels of leadership. It has become my personal life’s mission.  

Each year IWLC reaches thousands of women and men across Iowa and surrounding states in pursuing our mission of the development, advancement and promotion of women, their organizations and to impacting the greater Iowa economy.  

Following each IWLC conference or event we hear from attendees about how we have impacted their lives – “I now have the confidence to ask for that raise,” “I know that I own my career and last night sat down to write up my personal career plan,” “The conference speakers were life changing for me, ” “Thank you.  I needed to hear that other women are struggling with all the demands on their lives and question how they can survive much longer.” 

My personal experience influenced my desire to help women achieve their potential. I watched my mother take on the responsibility of caring for her family as a young, uneducated and poor single mother after my father left our family.  As a child and later as an adult, I learned that my mother had few, if any choices.  When I went to college and grad school, I had no role models in my sphere and no understanding of how the world of business worked.  Luck often played into life as much as anything else.  My drive and willingness to work opened up opportunities for me. 

As I advanced in my career, it became obvious to me, that it shouldn’t be that hard.  There should be resources to help women to succeed; mentors and role models that help us talk about our aspirations and how to achieve them; and ways to deploy our talents to our benefit and the benefit of others – their families, organizations and communities.

That’s why I worked to found Iowa Women Lead Change.  Please join us with your gift to Lead Iowa to ensure that IWLC continues to develop programming to help advance the leadership of women.