Non-profit status to further IWLC's goals

May 08, 2012

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IWLC is now an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Diane Ramsey, IWLC Executive Director, reports that the organization received its official IRS exemption letter in late April 2012. 

“We chose to apply for nonprofit status because of our service mission,” Ramsey explains. “This will allow us to broaden our revenue base and expand IWLC’s reach throughout Iowa. We are eager to begin working with local, regional and national grantmakers who are interested in supporting leadership education and other professional development opportunities for women in Iowa and across the region.” 

Ramsey notes that the IRS ruling is well timed, given the April 24 release of the 2012 SHE MATTERS report on the status of women and girls in Iowa. 

“Among other issues, SHE MATTERS points to leadership roles in Iowa businesses, government and education where women lag behind men,” Ramsey says. “The report will help IWLC partner with granting agencies, corporate sponsors, individual donors and other women’s groups to develop strategies for moving more women into positions of leadership statewide.” 



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